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The quality of life of our children is a major concern for parents in these times of vivid exposure to immorality and unethical values. What the children take in to their hearts is not the information that is put into their brains, but the experiences they have. These experiences form their character. Knowledge without proper character is usually destructive to the society.

Gopal’s Garden High School, guided by Radhanath Swami, aims to build that proper character. Located in suburban Mumbai, the school is affiliated with the University of Cambridge and has 178 students enrolled.

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Mission statement

Gopal’s Garden School aims to provide a loving environment suited for the best possible learning experience, where children are nourished with devotion and inspired with a will to work to become leaders of society, first class human beings and devotees of the Lord.



Gopal's Garden School was established in July 2001. The vision of Srila Prabhupada was given to us by Radhanath Swami and based on this vision we framed our mission statement and school objectives.
Principal, Gopal's Garden School
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"Education is not about memorization. Education is about transformation, to bring out what is with in them. If children are happy and love to learn and in their learning actually gain experience that give them positive transformations that will remain with them, they will be stable, productive and have integrity."
Radhanath Swami
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