Midday Meal

In India today:

  • 60 million children are afflicted by hunger
  • 6 million become mildly retarded due to malnutrition

Hunger—A Dark Cloud

Only education can empower the youth of India to realize their full potential, earn a decent living, and build a better future.

Although schooling is compulsory for children aged 6–14, poverty bars the underprivileged among them from taking advantage. Typically hailing from slums and tribal areas, such children must either go hungry at school or abandon their studies in favour of menial jobs.

Either outcome serves to cripple cognitive development and hamstring healthy growth—each stumbling blocks to a promising future.


Midday Meal was appointed in 2004 by the Government of Maharashtra to provide nutritional support to primary school children. The scheme aims to break the hunger cycle by providing impoverished families the incentive to keep their kids in class. For most children, it is their only complete meal of the day. The service is performed free from commercial motive for the benefit of all hungry stomachs, without consideration of religion, caste, creed, or sex.

Girl in schoolyard

Blessings by the numbers

With the generous help of private donors, Midday Meal has grown considerably since its inception.

  • 2004
    • 1 kitchen
    • 900 meals per day
  • 2009
    • 4 state-of-the-art, ISO-9001-certified kitchens
    • 200,000 meals per day


  • Dramatic increase in enrollment and attendance
  • 91% of teachers report significant reduction in drop out rate
  • 99.6% of students report greater ability to concentrate



"I was so deeply moved on seeing this kitchen and the purpose behind it in feeding so many hungry children! For me it is the biggest selfless service to Krishna. He gives us the strength for this noble cause. May India never go hungry.”
—Avanti Birla
"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!"
—Murli Deora
Union Minister (Petroleum & Natural Gas)

“Very beautiful facility and wonderful work you are doing."
—Alfred Ford
Trustee, Ford Motors Company Fund
Children eating in rows
Empty kitchen
RNS at belt
Boys carrying pots
Rinsing vegetables
RNS lighting fire
Conveyor Belt
Lunchtime line up
Waiting in anticipation